SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 
Intelligence in Every Transaction

We make using CASH or a CREDIT CARD a BAD DEAL

Platforms for Prosperity 
MoniPlus 6+ - GoMainSt MarketSocial - StreetTalk SocialStream - SmartMoniCenters
Local to Global

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 6+
1. MoniPlus 6+ Wallet
2. MoniPlus 6+ Pay for Internet Commerce
3. MarketSocial – GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA and MoniPlus 6+ Wallet
4. SocialStream – w/MoniPlus 6+ Wallet
5. SmartMoniCenters – MoniPlus 6+ Services (5 Moni Mkts)

USA Nat'l Launch in 6+ Months
108 Cities with 134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 Locations
Live Fingertip Apps to Achieve Market Dominance  
"I have 128 Apps in my Smartphone. Only 6 are “Live”
4 are Messenger, 2 are Facebook and LinkedIn. The rest sit dormant until used
All MoniPlus 6+ Apps are Designed for Live On Demand with Alert Delivery
Promotions - Social - Commerce - MoniPlus

MoniPlus for EveryWon
Easy - Safe - Secure - Private - Instant - GoValet - MoniPlus 6+ - SmartContracts
Monicoins Value is Local  Currency for Convenience. Ease of use safe and secure with instant payments. We verify identity, validate purchase and  transfers to provide smooth and easy exchange. And through intelligence, we increase the value of every transaction. And for convenience , we have local SmartMoniCenters to better serve you
187 Countries n Currencies with 7.5 Billion People
We Give You More

MoniPlus -  1+Value Multiplier

Increasing Purchasing Power in Every Transaction
Plus 6+ : GoPlus Service with Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives & Promotions
SmartContracts for 10 Markets and SmartMoniCenters for Worldwide Service
Currency | Asset | Contracts

MoniPlus Club
Multi-Merchant Loyalty  
We increase value in every transaction while building stronger relationships and communities

Instant Payment
Privacy - Moni ID Avatar

GoPlus Service 
"Find It" - At Your Service Bot

MoniPlus 4+
We Put the i in Moni & Give You More
1 - Points for Purchasing
2 - Rewards for Doing
3 - Incentives for Trying
4 - Promotions for Buying
People Friends Family Merchants Companies & Organizations
Everyone Participates

CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Services | Investing | Charity | Acts of Faith | Politics | Travel | Latin Life
True Value Added

We increase your Purchasing Power with Every Transaction
Increase Value with Points for Purchasing Products or Service
Increase Value with Rewards for attending Sale, Event, achieving a Goal or completing a Task
Increase Value with Incentives for Trying something New, a product service or Event
Increase Value with Promotions for Buying a Product or Service

5-in-1 Media Advantage - Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | MoniPlus
Proximity | Merchant | Location | Date | Time | Product | Service | Preferences

MoniPlus Merchant Beacons
Merchant Store w/Virtual Perimeters with MoniPlus Personalized Promotions

1. MoniPlus Wallet
Instant Payments with MoniCoins
Privacy with Avatar Moni-ID
Service with GoPlus Find-it Bot
Plus 4+: Points, Rewards, Incentives, Promotions

2. Messenger | StreetTalk
SocialStream  w/Chat Messaging  LiveView News & Alerts - w/MoniPlus Wallet

3. MarketSocial | GoMainSt 
PocketPlus  Weekly Billboard  Life Events  Engage  Teams  CitiMart - StreetTalk w/MoniPlus Wallet

4. MoniPlus Pay
Internet Commerce
Instant Payments | Low Fees | Privacy | MoniPlus 4+ | SmartContracts
CitiLife | Dining | Home | Services | Healthcare | Investing | Charities | Acts of Faith | Politics | Travel
5. SmartMoniCenters
Serviced by those who use money the most and are able to service you best
Mobile Carriers - Retail - Grocery - C-Stores
Convenience | Value | Service

Five Primary Moni Markets
SmartMoni Brands tailored toward specific markets
People to People | Retail & Shopping | Business to Business | Global | MarketSocials

MarketSocial & Social Stream Messenger
Live Apps on Everywon's SmartPhone
GoMainSt w/PocketPlus & StreetTalk
MoniPlus 6+ Wallet

Crucial Factors for Success
Branding | Features | Service | Experience
We've  used Dollars, Pesos, and Yen for 100s of years, lets adopt a brand that  everyone can use and feel comfortable. We make it attractive inviting and most important, we add value.  Every transaction is instant, safe, secure, and private with a GoValet Service to help you find everything you need. And we give you More, MoniPlus 6+ increases the value of every transaction while building stronger relationships and communities. Everyone can participate; friends family merchants employers and organizations. And for Live on Demand Apps, MarketSocial & Messenger; GoMainSt PocketPlus and StreetTalk, both embedded with MoniPlus Wallet or Moni.Square Card for ease of use, convenience and Value Plus shopping. For daily use, we partner with those who use Moni the most and will be able to service it best via our SmartMoniCenters.

Putting Experience to Work

Our CEO has 25 Years experience in the Sale Design Implementation and Management of Turnkey Global Financial Networks to include Citibank, American Express, HSBC, Fuji Bank, ANZ Bank and management of Visa Mastercard Bank of America Worldwide. While also overseeing the implementation of the 1st National Networks for Japan, Australia and Country Level Public Nets for Latin America, Africa & Asia.

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 

We put the i in Moni and Give You More
We increase the Value of Every Transaction while Building Stronger Relationships and Communities

We Achieve Critical Mass & Profitability

A New Type of Social
Promotions - Social - Commerce

Productivity is Everywhere
9X Higher Engagement for Better Results
What MS Office did for Workplace Productivity
GoMainSt MarketSocial does for the Marketplace

A MarketSocial Community
People with Purpose

GoMainSt - PocketPlus USA
Wuts New!  Wuts Hot!  Wuts Just for You!  &  2 Bonus Banners
5-in-1 Media Advantage
Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | MoniPlus

Print 8 Million Distributed Monthly in 108 Cities w/134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 Locations
CitiLife | Home | Dining | Healthcare | Services | Investing | Charity | Acts of Faith | Politics | Travel | Latin Life
11 Market Segments Served

A New Advertising Model - MoniPlus vs Ad Trolling
We Unleash the Power of the Pin to Boost Commerce
Discover Like Share Save n Purchase
GoMainSt MarketSocial Community
The Pin is the Turbo for Commerce within Social - 42% Market Share and Growing.  
We deliver whole new capabilities through Two New Nexgen Platforms to blend Promotions Social n Commerce then create MoniPlus
Convenience, Value and Click to Buy. We increase Marketplace Results
We Enrich People Business & Communities

MarketSocial Suite 8 Menu Services 
Showcase | PocketPlus | Weekly Billboard | Life Events | Engage | Team | CitiMart
Productivity for the MarketPlace

Join the Conversation
Buzz - Messaging - Chat - Streaming - MoniPlus Wallet - Plus Alerts
Monetized by GoMainSt PocketPlus | Powered by MoniPlus

GoMainSt MarketSocial w/StreetTalk
CitiLife | Home | Dining | Healthcare | Investing | Services | Charity | Acts of Faith | Politics | Travel | Latin
CitiMart Commerce with Smart Contracts for each market segment.
People | Retail | Business | Global

A Special Thanks
Chain | ColorPrism | BigStep  | Amazon Cloud
We don’t grow at our Partners EXPENSE, we grow due to their SUCCESS
Our Business is Prosperity for EveryWon

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 6+
Intelligence in Every Transaction

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