We Change the Nature of Moni by Removing its Boundaries

OneWorld - No Limits No Boundaries 
We created the MarketStream to Feed the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus
Monichain Platform:  
Banking Consortium - Chain w/Gateways
Members: Visa, Citibank, NASDQ, 1st Data and others
A banking consortium tailored toward Financial Services
Scalebility, Instant Payments, Loyalty, Promos, SmartPlus Contracts


Instant Payments | Exchange Arbitrage | Micro Payments | SmartPlus Contracts | Cross Chain
Commerce | Transfer | Exchange

We are not a proprietary Currency, but rather a new Medium of Exchange. Its value is based upon local currency or certified Asset: Value during commerce is increased in every transaction with MoniPlus: MonPoints & MoniPromos.

- Issue financial assets
- Permissioned network access
- High transaction volumes
- Confidentiality transaction data
- Programmable transactions
- HSM Hardware Security Module
- High availability
- Performance
- Scalability / Upgradability
- Micropayments

MoniPlus 6+ Wallet | GoMainSt PocketPlus USA | StreetTalk | SmartMoniCenters
People to People - Retail Merchants - Business to Business - Global
MoniPlus | MarketSocial | SocialStream | MoniChain

Ability to support Unlimited Transactions
If  all  transactions  using  Bitcoin  were  on  the  blockchain,  to  enable 7 billion people to make two transactions per day,  it would require 24GB blocks every ten minutes at best (presuming 250 bytes per transaction and 144  blocks  per  day).   Conducting  all  global  payment  transactions  on  the blockchain today  implies  miners  will  need  to  do  an  incredible amount  of computation,  severely  limiting  bitcoin scalability  and  full  nodes  to  a  few centralized processors.

With a network of instantly confirmed micropayment channels whose payments are encumbered by timelocks and hashlock outputs, Bitcoin can scale to billions of users without custodial risk or blockchain centralization when transactions are conducted securely off-chain using bitcoin scripting, with enforcement of non-cooperation by broadcasting signed multi-signature transactions on the blockchain.

Instant Payments and Portfolio of Transaction Types
To support Unlimited Instant Payments and a Portfolio of Payment Options, the following accommodations are under review: Raise topology 1 level, Recentralization, Masternodes, Abreviated Blockchain, and the addition of Microchannels,  IP Channels and implementation of Multi-Strands. Each substantially and exponentially increases our ability to service a global network of 7 Billion users daily needs with a portfolio of payment services.

We break the boundaries of Commerce and unleash the power of Moni to Give You More